SC-130 Differences In Parts & Radios

Southcom SC-130 / SC130D / AN/URC-87 / KAN/URC-87 / LV-407

Southcom SC-130 – Some Finnish Versions

Patrolfone SC-130– Some Finnish Versions

Southcom SC-130D – Some Finnish Versions

RT-1158/AN/URC-87 – US Marine Corps Designation

RT-1158/AN/URC-87(v) – Some Finnish Versions

KAN/URC-87 – South Korean Licence Designation

LV-407 – Finnish Military Designation

Major Part of Finnish SC-130 Are Modified For Better CW in Expence of LSB. (Tighter CW Filter)


Antenna Parts.
Lower Part of Antenna, Also In Black. AS-3027/URC-87(V)
AN/URC87 Collapsible Antenna And Blade Antenna. Finnish Text : Bend Antenna Only To This Side.
Left Coil A: 2.0-2.7 MHz B: 2.7-4.0 MHz C: 4.0-6.4 MHz D: 6.4-12.0 MHz
Right Coil A: 2.0-3.0 MHz B: 3.0-4.5 MHz C: 4.5-6.75 MHz D: 6.75-12.0 MHz

CW Keys

Different CW Keys
White Part
White Part


Black Battery Box
SNR 850, 837 & 4172. Semi Rare LSB Versions & Common Modified USB Version.
SNR 1178 & 837. Note The Missing LSB.
Differences in Whip Antenna Mounting Point.
AN/URC87 / LV407 – There Were So Many Different Carrying Rigs What Comes To Canvases And Paints.


SNR 4172
SNR 4172

Battery Holders

Left : D-Battery Holder Made By Telemit Germany
Right : D-Battery Holder Made By Unknown Finland